What problem are you trying to solve? What are your marketing goals? Have you a defined target market? What does your ideal client look like? What are you currently doing to drive in new business and retain clients? What channels have you employed? These are questions we ask our clients and prospects. The answers to these assist us in what direction to take our proposal. Consulting service may include development and implementation of a traditional marketing communications plan, digital marketing plan, social media campaign or some combination of each. The development of content, such as writing posts, creating infographics and social media graphics may be included in your plan. Branding is what conveys your marketing. We discuss branding more below.

Depending on your needs, services may take the form of idea generation, slogans, product pricing and solutions to meet your startup needs or content marketing strategy. All services are custom tailored, yet are built upon a foundation of clear principles of marketing, whether traditional, digital or social. We also offer business and professional resources to support your efforts. Let Altogether Marketing put together a plan to assist you in meeting your marketing communications needs.


In today's business world, organizations are taking a great portion of their marketing resources and investing in digital marketing. The saying goes, "you want to be where your customers are." Unless, your business is operated totally on the Internet you will have a mix of marketing channels to include traditional (mass media) and digital. In a broad sense, digital marketing includes your website as well as social channels and the analysis of traffic generated by these marketing activities.

Choosing which channels to use depends on your target market, which is dictated by your brand product or service. Altogether Marketing, through a process of discovery and assessment, works with our clients to determine the most relevant digital channels with the proper mix of traditional, if appropriate. It all starts with a Website and Social Audit of your current web presence.

Digital Audits

​Looking to enhance or develop your web presence? You need to know where you are now to assist in setting goals. A Social Audit, Website Audit or complete Web Presence Audit will assist you and your consult in planning your marketing, designing your website and choosing the appropriate social channels. In some cases we may need  your login credentials or be made a user to view analytics. In either solution we will provide you a confidential report of our findings and recommendations.  Choose from:

Social Channel Audit: an in-depth review of up to three (3) business social channels. We will check content. The Social Audit gives you insight into traffic demographics. You will also learn how your brand compares across the various channels. 

Website Audit: an in-depth review of your website. We look at your content, brand message and images, integrated links, SEO and elements for traffic building, security, responsiveness.

Web Presence Audit: an even deeper look into SEO, where and how your business shows up searches on Google, Yahoo and Bing. It also includes the Social Channel and Website Audits. Choose the right audit for your business below or click "Get Started Now" for additional information.

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When you consider what branding is, you will learn that it is an outward expression of your marketing communication plan in the form of color, graphic imagery, written content, customer experience with your product or service. Your brand is also you and your team speaking in the same tone and more. Further developed, what tone do you want to project - warmth, chill, fun, loud, quiet, sophisticated, corporate or millennial laid back but professional? What does your business name convey to your customers and prospects, with regard to your or service offerings? How does the graphic image or logo bring continuity to your brand? How does your pricing structure fit your brand?

These are aspects to consider when creating your brand or changing it. Perhaps you have never defined your brand. Start by reviewing the items within this section to discover how they integrate one with another, or not. Is there any continuity you can build upon? This is where Altogether Marketing teams or partners with our clients to make this discovery or create a new brand. Once created, we then implemented within all your marketing channels to convey its continuity in look, feel and content.

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Email Marketing is the most cost-effective way (other than business cards) to connect with customers and prospects! Use it for your monthly newsletters, promotions, training tips, customer service follow-up and more. This social media channel supports any good marketing strategy. Easily build your opt-in Anti-Spam compliant list using our email marketing platform. Email is a great way to gain new clients and keep existing ones coming back. 


Take it one step further and create your branded email from your domain name. Now, when you communicate via email you expose your brand even more. Example. Use instead of or Having a branded email also keeps your business and personal life separate. Get started today at Altogether Domains.

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