Website care Package IV $599/month


Various elements and tools can be included to enhance your visitor experience, meet your specific needs and optimized to increase search engine traffic You are encouraged to reserve your domain name right away, even if you are not quite ready to start the design process. Custom graphic and written content service is also available to optimize for SEO/SEV and content marketing. Our website solution packs include a number pages based on your needs, photos, graphics, video, merchant tools, contact, list signups, maintenance and more, but are tailored to your needs and industry. All web contracts come with a required consultation and deposit prior to service. 


  • Internet Brochure Site
  • Economy Solution
  • Deluxe Interactive
  • Entertainment
  • Premium Presence
  • E-Commerce
  • Video Website
  • Event Website
  • Resume Website
  • eLearning Site


Altogether Domains offers ICANN-accredited domains and related products. We offer everything you need to make a name for yourself on the Web, from domain names, hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, Branded Email, Email Marketing, Shared & Dedicated Servers, cPanel, VPN, SSL, SEV/SEO, Site Security, Code & Driver Signing Certificates, privacy and DIY Website Builders to complete eCommerce (shopping cart) solutions. We deliver world-class products at competitive prices and support them with the industry-best service, delivered 24/7/365 @480.624.2500. 


Monthly Website Care Package I $79/month

Minor content updates and site maintenance

Monthly Website Care Package II $99/month
Minor content updates, monthly content addition, site maintenance

Monthly Website Care Package III $199/month
Minor content updates, site maintenance, monthly/quarterly content addition, ongoing SEV/SEO

Monthly Website Care Package IV $299/month

Minor content updates, site maintenance, weekly/monthly content addition, ongoing SEV/SEO

Monthly Website Care Package IV $599/month

Minor content updates, site maintenance, weekly/monthly content addition, ongoing SEV/SEO, strategy session

Purchase the package of your choice below. Prices do not include content creation. Call or email for a quote.


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Web developers and graphic designers can take advantage of our web tools for their clients. Or, perhaps you just want to own an Internet business, this is for you too. Either way, you should strongly consider offering domain names, hosting, SSL certificates, site security,  email marketing and more to your clients. You and your clients benefit by having all products under one roof. Plus, as a Reseller you receive free software and tools to support your business including a free customizable e-commerce site to market all the products and services offered. Learn more about becoming a Reseller now through our Internet solutions center, Altogether Domains. No obligation. We feel great being aligned with a leader that has more than 55 million domain names under management, 99.9% server up time and great 24 hour customer service that gives our clients professional service. We believe you will too.

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Website care Package III $199/month

Website Care Package II $99/month


Web design services, development tools, storage and more

Website Care Package I $79/month

The first step in claiming your piece of the world wide web is your URL address or domain name. Without it you cannot stake any claims. Secure your domain name today with us. It should not be too long or too short that your visitors have a hard time searching for it or memorizing it. It should convey what your site is all about. And, of course, it should fit well on your business card. Use our internet solutions site, Altogether Domains, now for your new or transferred domain. Over 200+ gTLD extensions to choose from! 


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Website care Package IV $299/month

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